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It is recommended to have your airconditioning serviced every 2 years
This includes : Checking over a/c system for leaks or faults, Removal & replacement of the receiver drier (a filter for the system) Adding system oil & a leak detection dye to promote easy location of any leaks in the future. Inspect and replace if required the cabin pollen filter.
         Air Conditioning
   Replacement of
  Blocked cabin filter




                              Clean dirty Evaporators









                                       Inspection for




        Auto Electrical

Are all you lights & Indicators Working?

Need extra lighting fitted - spotlights?

Is your vehicle hard to start ?

Need a fridge plug?

Battery Problems ?

Strange lights coming on on your dash instument panel? Don't know what they are? Then bring your vehicle in for a check.












                   System Diagnostics

       Rego Inspections

Time for registration ?

 Book an appointment for a rego inspection  

 to be completed.

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